Developer Ipsum

When a friend complains that he can't find any good "Developer" Ipsums out there, that's a problem that needs to be rectified. I decided to try out some new tools on this small project.

PHP 7.1

There were a few new features available in PHP 7.1 that I wanted to try out. Namely void return types.

Travis CI

I had mainly used Jenkins for CI, so I decided to try out Travis CI for this project. Travis CI is very easy to set up and work with. Comes with some out of the box integrations that made it very easy to monitor code quality such as...

Code Climate

When developing locally, I almost always use PHP_CodeCoverage to generate coverage reports. Code Climate was an easy integration with Travis CI to generate analytics from the the output. It used PHPMD to detect some mess and find places in the code there were at risk for future bugs.


Check out the project on GitHub.